Lend a helping hand to Widows this Easter!

Once again, we’re helping widows in Pakistan for Easter! These are ladies, through no fault of their own, have to fend for themselves and in most cases, support young children. There are times when the husband dies, but most cases I’ve seen involves a husband who just decided to leave his family. Normally there are no repercussions for the man, and to make matters worse, there are no social safety nets to help the wife.

We want to help as many of these women as possible with a good supply of food so they don’t have to worry about whether they’re going to be able to eat. We’re partnering with Pastors Amjad and Daisy Farooq of Faith Prayer Ministries. Amjad and Daisy live in Karachi, they’re good friends of mine for 18 years and also my hosts for 9 Pakistan outreaches. These are solid people so there’s no need to worry about whether funds will be used wisely and get where they need to go.

With your help, we will invite these widows to two special Resurrection Day Dinners, not only to honor our risen Lord, but to honor them, too. The planned dates are Sun March 28th in Hyderabad and Tues March 30th in Karachi. At that time, they’ll be presented with their food supply; basic necessities like: Flour, Rice, Tea, Cooking Oil, Salt, Spices, Beans, Milk and more — a whole lot of mostly non-perishable food and drink items to keep them going!

To bless Pakistani widows costs just US $35 each. I encourage to share out of the abundance that God has given to you with women you may never meet this side of heaven who are having a hard time. Our goal is to help 200 widows. We can do this! Donate for as many widows as you can, please.

God bless you richly in every way!

Craig DeMo, Ambassador Ministries International

P.S. You can use text giving to: 503-755-5502, type ‘widows’ and follow the prompts. Time is short. Please help NOW.

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